I Started a New Challenge. Here’s Why and What it is About.

img_1238Sitting in the sun of the south of France last april, I decided to leave my job at Dutch insurer Delta Lloyd. I came to the conclusion it was impossible to close the gap between rising customer expectations, my ambitions and Delta Lloyd’s priorities. As I strive to be on the forefront of customer experience and innovation I decided to accept an offer from CX Company to become their first CMO. CX Company provides a state of the art AI-fueled SAAS platform that enables companies to design and operate all kinds of cool chatbots and conversational virtual assistants across all touchpoints on the Customer Journey. Chatbots and virtual assistants are not only hot topics in VC-land, but also extremely helpful for consumers and businesses to get their jobs done.


Please read the full version on Medium to read more about what led me to this decision, the key-challenges I see and my approach in this new role.