My Free E-book: Co-creating Customer Relationships

Read my E-bookletI’ve been thinking about writing a book several times. And this time I thought I’d do something about it ;) As it seemed sensible I started reading through the past three years of blog-posts that I’ve written. Having done so I decided I might as well share the ones I like best with you in a digital booklet.

This booklet has four ‘Chapters’.

The first chapter discusses Value. You can read all about adding value, offering value, value chains, value netwroks and even creating value. It can well be one of the most used words in business publications, but only very few seem to be worried about what it means, and how value can be a used on a conceptual level as to make it framework one can use in a business environnment. Since ‘Value’ is also used a lot in my blogposts, I thought I’d share with you how I think about the concept in the first Chapter.

Chapter two, a short one, contains two posts on The Net Promoter Score (NPS). Two light reads to express my love/hate affair with metrics in general and NPS in specific.

Chapter three is where the meat is. This is about Social CRM and how I think about Customer Relationship-building in the age of Service and Co-Creation. If you’re looking for my persepective on technological developments you will be dissappointed as I discuss Social CRM on a conceptual and company strategy level.

The last chapter (four) contains two posts in which I bring together my thinking from the past two years. The first one is on Service, the second one on Marketing. Both are quite long and have received lots of compliments, retweets, referrals and comments. They too have been the basis for several presentations and key-notes that I have conducted over the past year or so.

I consider this booklet my personal resource, a well of inspiration for writing my book and an important way to to collect feedback from you as to whether the idea of writing a book makes any sense ;)

Enjoy reading & please let me know what you think. And for your convenience I’ve made it downloadable too (just follow the Slideshare link on the bottom left and you can download it there).

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  1. I am impressed. I am thinking (S)CRM schould be(come?) an important element of marketing management. Where marketing management should be based on thorough permanent research. For instance research among clients (panels), non cliënts, potential cliënts, competition, politics, laws and governmentrules, opportunity’s and threats.


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