Lists, lists, lists and Thank You!

Once a year I take a good look at my site & related statistics and post some lists for my own referral and as reference points for new(er) subscribers and other readers. Here are some of the highlights of the year in top 3 lists:

Top 3 posts 2011
1. Service Design, or Design for Service
2. Because it is time you take Customer Service seriously
3. Value Co-Creation Canvas

But, actually they are #2, #3 and #4, since the most viewed post of 2011 is one of July 2009: NPS & The Customer Experience. Somehow this post keeps attracting people and I’m proud it does.

Most commented posts 2011
1. Destroying Customer Value
2. The Customer is Always Wrong
3. Because it is time you take Customer Service seriously

Engagement is the main reason I blog. I love the interaction, feedback and different viewpoints. And fortunately you do too. This blog holds as many as 800-something comments on 78 posts to date. Keep ‘m coming!

Most commented posts all time
1. The S in Scrm is NOT about Social Media
2. The Old Spice Campaign is not Social CRM
3. What a Social CRM Strategy is all about

These are all posts written in the ‘golden age’ of the rise of Social CRM, late 2009 and throughout 2010. Great discussions with great people. Please check out the comments in these posts, some even far better than the posts themselves.

Most tweeted/shared posts all time
1. The Future of Marketing: Changing the Game and Playing Field
2. Because it is time you take Customer Service seriously
3. The Future of Marketing: Understanding Value Co-Creation

It is noteworthy that #1 and # 3 are both posts I wrote exclusively for MyCustomer. I owe them a thank you for posting them!

Top 3 referrer sites
I get a steady flow of views from subscribers to my blog, most of them who are subscribed via e-mail. Yet, most views, not surprisingly come from:

1. Twitter
2. LinkedIn
3. Search (Google mainly)

And when I look at search terms people used before clicking to my site, the top 3 looks like this:

1. Customer Service Metrics
2. Wim Rampen
3. Service Design

Last, not least:

Of course I could not do this all by myself. I owe you, my reader and you, the commenter on any of my post and also you, who retweeted or shared in any other way any of my ramblings, a million thanks. You is what makes blogging worthwhile, your feedback and engagement is what drives me to write.

Because of you I get infused with new ideas and different viewpoints that ultimately shape mine. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

And I hope to see you back anytime soon :)

p.s. In case you wondered: “Bedankt” is Dutch for “Thank You”