This morning I was listening to news coverage on the Oslo attack.. I don’t have this often, nor soon, but shivers continue to go down my spine listening to survivor stories and even when thinking about them..

Thoughts go back to the attack on Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn, performed by a left wing animal rights activist, and to the killing of the Dutch cineast Theo van Gogh. The latter by a muslim terrorist..

Thoughts return to the now.. In the US Republicans are trying to maximize return on their lost presidency… And in the UK a media tycoon denies responsibility..

In Africa children are dying from a lack of food because the international community seems to think that saving on economic aid and closing borders for foreigners will solve their problems…

The American dream is a government who does not interfere with your life, but one you can blame when no jobs are created by businesses..

In Europe the growing number of right wing populist want everyone else to change their habits, beliefs and give up their rights, but do not want to offer a compromise with any of theirs…

I’m an optimist, but today I’m worried. Worried because all of the above seems to root in a consistent and spreading intolerance for others having a piece of the pie. And the intolerance is growing..

And escalating…

I want to express my deepest sympathy for all families and friends of those who have lost their life in Norway last friday, because of intolerance..

And I want to express my hope for the renaissance of tolerance, because our kids deserve to experience it too.. and since they cannot buy it in milk cartons, I need to teach them..

Will you too?