Top 5 reads on this blog over the past 6 months..

I promised you an overview of the best read posts on my blog over the first 6 months of 2011 last week. Here it is:

  1. Because it is time you take Customer Service Seriously
    It is.. really! Come to think of it: replace the words “Customer Service” for “Marketing” and I think the posts still stands. What do you think?
  2. Service Design or Design for Service
    My attempt to explain that Service Design is NOT only about designing services, and that “Service”, in the eyes of a Customer, is something completely different than businesses usually treat it for.
  3. Destroying Customer Value
    A personal experience with a telecoms provider resulted in a perfect case to explain what types of Value, beyond financial value, are at stake these days when you only have your company’s interests in mind. Btw.. this post has 37 comments, including one from the telecoms provider!
  4. Net Promoter Score versus the Customer Experience
    Somehow this 2009 post on Zappos and NPS became a rising star over the past six months. Must be the popularity of both, because I did next to nothing to promote this post. The discussion in the comments is highly recommended!
  5. The Future of Social Listening
    In this post I provide six directions for the future of Social Media Monitoring which should prevent you from going through the trough of disillusionment and go straight through to the plateau of productivity..

That’s it for now. Let me now what’s your favorite from the above?

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