And the All Time Winner is…

We’ve already past the first 6 months of this year. A good time to take a look at what you have been reading around here. I’ve put together two lists: one Top 5 of all time best viewed posts and one Top 5 of the best viewed posts over the first six months of this year.

Today I will publish the All Time favorite list. The other one later in the weekend! So stay tuned!

  1. My personal definition of Business WITH Customer Value Co-creation.
    Please also read the rich commentary from people like Don Peppers, Graham Hill, Tom Asacker, Esteban Kolsky etcetera. I’m very happy this posts is still #1, because it surely is one of the posts I learned the most from!
  2. The only thing your Social CRM Strategy cannot do without.
    Around one year ago there was a great discussion going on about the essence of Social CRM. Altimeter had published the 18 use case for Social CRM. I argue(d) only two of the use cases are truly Social CRM, because these two cater for the one element a Social CRM strategy cannot do without: Empowering the Customer in the process of creating value for the Customer. And I still think it is..
  3. Social CRM, what relationships you should care for and why.
    Between number two and three is only a tiny margin of just 100 views.. (both score around 7K views). This one focuses on the idea I strongly support that where CRM is about the inside-out Firm to Customer relationship, Social CRM should be focusing around the Customer to Customer relationships..
  4. Why the Old Spice campaign is not Social CRM.
    Who doesn’t remember this campaign. Many were “shouting” that this campaign was one of the best use cases for Social CRM. I strongly argue against.
  5. What a Social CRM Strategy is all about.
    My first post on Social CRM. I’m very proud it continues to be read well. Again with great commentary from all my friends of the Social CRM Accidental Community. Enjoy!

That’s it.. Let us know what you think in the comments and thank you very much for visiting and reading my posts!