Presentation: Customer Service, Serious Business?

Early February I wrote a post titled: Because it is time you take Customer Service seriously. For my speaking engagement on the 2011 Dutch Customer Contact Days in Utrecht this week, I translated the post into a 30-minute presentation, I’d like to share with you here.

Please let me know what you think of it in the comments!

8 thoughts on “Presentation: Customer Service, Serious Business?

  1. Dear Wim,

    You show with your crystal clear message that Customer Service is serious business. I fully agree with the developments you signal. What I miss in the presentation is an explanation of your sheet “We need a new mental model” The presentation makes perfectly clear what needs to be done and why, but it doesn’t address the “how”. I think it is important to create direction for the change process. So for instance, when an organisation creates a customer experience map (sheet 13) it will get to know which elements in the customer journey will contribute (and how much) to the overall experience. To be able to translate this knowledge to tangible improvements the organisation should be very aware of its own identity “Who would the organisation like to be for their customers” The same goes for creating customer experiences. I think we both recognise that a customer experience is largely the result of human behaviour. Experiences closely related to the identity (branding, values if you want) need a specific behaviour of employees who construct them with customers. That in it self needs probably a very different leadership style from what we currently see in customer service environments. In that sense we need to create a completely new mental model for our seriously “Industrial Age” managed customer service departments.

    Kind regards,

    Rob Mallens
    Mallens Consultancy
    +31 65 345 0353


  2. Hi Wim (& Thomas)

    The presentation is great and I agree that the notion that CLV is not enough is correct (although I think Total Customer Engagement Value is simply a natural evolution of CLV).

    I also agree with Thomas that I’d like to see this as a video rather then a slideshare. More detail would be fantastic.

    Thomas – Sie haben recht! ;)

    Ian Williams
    07962 058123


  3. Hi Wim,

    thanks for the great presentation and offering the possibility to comment.

    In best German manner I focus in on some possible improvement points ;-)

    what I somewhat miss is the explicit (it is implicitly there) notion of avoiding the need of (or at least reducing it) customer service by (co-)creating the products that are getting sold in a way that there is no more need for customer care, neither via employed personnel nor via crowd-sourced personnel.

    Additionally, and this is probably a general challenge of speeches turned presentations, I am missing the rationale for the evolution from lifetime value to total engagement value. Listening to the speech it in all likelihood becomes clear, but within a presentation its difficult for someone who just starts thinking into those directions. So, maybe a slide before might be helpful.



    • Hi Thomas,

      Thx for taking the time to review. You make a valid point in that I probably need to make a separate version for on-line display with some more slides or speaker-notes maybe..

      The notion you mention is actually a point I make in more than one of the perspectives. Should be more explicit on the slides as well!

      Thx again!



  4. Hoi Wim,

    Heb net bij de zaterdagochtend koffie je presentatie even snel doorgenomen.
    Je vroeg om commentaar. Overigens leuk dat je dat zo via LI doet.

    Een mooie en heldere lijn en structuur heb je.
    Bijan elke sheet is wel weer voer voor professionele discussie. Dat beoog je waarschijnlijk ook? Da helpt ons allemaal weer een stapje verder. Ik vraag me wel af hoe je het gaat redden in een half uur en zijn sommige plaatsjes (de grafieken en zo) wel leesbaar in de zaal of laat je die alleen maar zien als impressie?



    • Dankjewel Paul!

      Zowel de post als de slides zijn voor mij middelen om de dialoog aan te gaan. De thema’s bieden daarin houvast, de inhoud van de dialoog kan een beetje wisselen, afhankelijk van het publiek. De plaatjes zijn er alleen als impressie.. Ik “strooi” niet met feiten, slechts met (mijn eigen) ervaringen en visie.

      De presentatie, inclusief dialoog neemt zo’n 45 minuten in beslag en vaak ben ik daarna nog een uur in gesprek met mensen uit het publiek die vragen hebben of dieper geinteresseerd zijn.

      Als je wilt kom ik graag eens bij jou en je team langs met deze presentatie.




  5. Dear Mr. Rampen

    I have just gone through your presentation about customer service. Being a part of customer service industry i totally agree with your thought and concepts. while working in office i dint mean to read to completely but i had to. Thank you for such fantastic thoughts.


  6. welcome back wim. i don’t manage to see your presentation now on my iPhone (going home in a bus) but i read your related post an i really like it so when i’m back at home i’ll surely watch it.


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