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December 30 2010 I woke up early and decided that this day was a good day to look through my archives of 2010, just because I like to catch up with my own brain every once and a while. When going through the pile in my delicious, twitter favorites, most retweeted postings etcetera etcetera I found myself going through a second phase of filtering, and I thought it might make sense to share it on Twitter again. After 10 tweets, and receiving some great feedback, I thought it made sense to tag the tweets with #fav10 so people could easily tune in the stream later on, if they wanted to.

As it turns out it was a stream covering a wide variety of Customer related topics, like Customer Experience, Social CRM, Service Dominant Logic, Value Co-creation, Service Design, Innovation and a fair share of more general research. It contains blogposts, academic research papers, slideshare presentations, youtube video’s and whitepapers. In short: My 60+ favorites of 2010.

Just this morning I decided to put them all in a post, for my own reference and for yours. Please let me know which one you liked best and/or share yours in the comments. Enjoy!

  1. Gr8 read: Experience, Experience, Experience http://bit.ly/99gDtX #servicedesign #cex
  2. In case you did not see this, you should! Consumer Decision Journey by McKinsey http://bit.ly/9RGIoW (pdf)
  3. Enough Design Thinking Theory Already http://bit.ly/8ZUUDp “where D-school meets B-school”
  4. [reiterate] Customer Value from a Customer’s perspective – A comprehensive overview http://bit.ly/hmL0lD (pdf)
  5. The Customer Centered Innovation Map http://bit.ly/9XZwbp #innovation
  6. In case you missed it: The Next Really, Really, Really, Big Thing http://bit.ly/cLQ2Ja
  7. In remembrance of C.K. Prahalad: http://bit.ly/9qS5QW & Paper: The Co-creation Connection http://bit.ly/azzC8S
  8. Another great 2010 read by @bhc3 How Much of a Relationship Do Your Customers Actually Want? http://bit.ly/dyrWLs #crm #scrm
  9. The previous 8 tweets are a collection of my personal favs of 2010.. There will be more spread over today, if you’re interested
  10. Understanding the (importance of the) Customer’s role in his (not your!) journey http://bit.ly/bjNSju
  11. The Service Dominant Mindset http://bit.ly/d3bDwg #fav10
  12. About them Customer Expectations by @ekolsky http://bit.ly/gADQLj Also check rich commentary, especially by @SteveVargo #fav10
  13. Figuring out the relationship puzzle http://bit.ly/cKozoW #fav10 just one of many gr8 posts by @mich8elwu this year #acinsinghts #scrm
  14. Booz & Co 2010 Survey: The Global Innovation 1000: How the Top Innovators Keep Winning http://tinyurl.com/266n42a #fav10
  15. From Marketing Products to Cultivating Customers: http://bit.ly/8R0Ewz #fav10
  16. A manifesto for Social Business http://bit.ly/20MAl8 #fav10 – actually a ’09 fav but still the best out there on the topic imo
  17. Driving profitability by encouraging Customer referrals http://bit.ly/i65qVx #fav10 #scrm
  18. Remember this awesome post & comment thread? Just what is Social CRM anyway? http://bit.ly/dnItU2 by @lalachad #scrm #fav10
  19. Talking about classics.. Marketing Myopia (1975) http://bit.ly/a1dWs1 #fav10 #leadership
  20. #fav10 [dutch] Twitter in Crisiscommunicatie http://bit.ly/dhK9xo – goed diepgaand onderzoek
  21. Do we need a Customer Dominant Logic? http://bit.ly/dVow3x #fav10 #sdl
  22. This is probably my favorite preso from 2010: Creating Start-up Success by @sgblank & @business_design http://slidesha.re/c30mXZ #fav10
  23. Another post & preso from 2010 you need to check out: The Social Continuum by @tdebaillon http://bit.ly/ah6TFS #fav10
  24. What Do People Ask Their Social Networks, and Why? A Survey Study of Status Message Q&A Behavior http://bit.ly/c144mJ #fav10 #sna
  25. The right way to manage unprofitable Customers http://bit.ly/aeoLzT #fav10
  26. Make sure to read mini-series by @ireneclng Understanding Value http://bit.ly/5eqZdD #fav10 part 2 & 3 to be found in links to bottom right)
  27. Improving Value for Money Outcomes: Revenue Strategies and Value Co-creation, also by @ireneclng http://bit.ly/gz3Tpo #fav10
  28. 5 sources of value to consider http://bit.ly/9l8icz #fav10
  29. One of the best (if not “the”) on the topic: 10 steps to Customer Journey Mapping by @DesignThinkers http://bit.ly/97lRit #fav10
  30. Did you know that the #Nordic-school already talked abt Trust & Relationship Continuum back in 2002? http://bit.ly/i1r7Nh #fav10
  31. Service Design in The Guardian weekend supplement http://bit.ly/d7l2Uj #fav10 #servicedesign is going mainstream!
  32. All the best from the Social CRM Accidental Community, curated by @prem_k http://bit.ly/hnAhcV #fav10 Thx Prem! gr8 job :) #scrm
  33. 2010 Post Recession Consumer study by Ogilvy & Mather http://bit.ly/cE7DJl #fav10
  34. “People are more interested in the social links that come from brand affiliations than in the brands themselves” http://bit.ly/fSTFa1 #fav10
  35. Are you listening to your Call Center? http://bit.ly/duafbf McKinsey writes abt it.. Just don’t see much in practice from them ;o) #fav10
  36. Irving Wladawsky-Berger shows what being “seasoned” is all about.. you must check out his blog http://bit.ly/hhXc11 #fav10
  37. A new way to measure Word-of-mouth marketing http://bit.ly/9Iliey #fav10
  38. The Psychological Effects of Empowerment Strategies on Consumers’ Product Demand http://bit.ly/e3EGBF #fav10 #scrm
  39. Involving Lead-Users in “whatever you do”? Here’s the Handbook http://bit.ly/fb7Gzw #fav10
  40. How Brand-Communities create value http://bit.ly/9FF5oI #fav10 #scrm
  41. Customer Practices as Units of Value Creation http://bit.ly/hFtQOr #fav10 #sdl #vcc
  42. “@pgreenbe‘s “to follow on more than friday-list” http://bit.ly/he2yVk if you want to follow #scrm best #fav10
  43. More goodness on Customer Experience Mapping & Service Blueprinting http://bit.ly/dD5WCD #fav10
  44. It’s important to engage the “right” Consumer for better Products http://bit.ly/c8VqTS #fav10
  45. In case you didn’t read The Power of Pull by @jhagel yet.. This is what convinced me to do so http://bit.ly/Qoez5 #fav10
  46. If you say Voice of the Customer research, you say #Vovici.. Their blog is full of actionable insights http://bit.ly/gwyM2A #fav10
  47. Nicholas Christakis video about The amazing power of Social Networks and how they shape our lives http://youtu.be/HwbX4HUOdE8 #fav10
  48. The Moment of truth in Customer Service & Downside of Aggressive selling http://bit.ly/efyb8x #custserv #fav10
  49. The Service Recovery Paradox – no excuse for bad service http://bit.ly/aWFrNj #fav10 #custserv
  50. Why Adding Followers alone won’t build your community http://bit.ly/aGRqpI #fav10
  51. Most of you will probably remember the successful McDonalds campaign through FourSquare.. or was it? http://rww.to/dyYBr6 #fav10
  52. From user centered design to designing for service http://bit.ly/booJDm by @lixindex #sdl #servicedesign #fav10
  53. Applying Marketing’s new dominant logic 4 interpreting Customer Experience http://bit.ly/9A6vyS #fav10 if only for table on page 57
  54. The Collaborative Organization: How to Make Employee Networks Really Work http://bit.ly/ikBGfy #fav10
  55. Can the customer value proposition be saved by service dominant logic? http://bit.ly/fciArO by @neilcdavey #fav10
  56. Nobody likes to discuss definitions, but we all do: @masscustom on Personalization vs Mass-Customization http://bit.ly/bEx4Nv #fav10
  57. 2010 is also the year of Business Model Innovation.. If you like #bmgen, you’ll like this too http://bit.ly/bBjFF0 #fav10
  58. #offtopic The T-mobile Welcome Back video from October 2010 is just too great to not mention in #fav10 http://youtu.be/NB3NPNM4xgo
  59. This paper is relevant in terms of assessing Customer Network Value: Churn in Social Networks http://bit.ly/d6W0aK #scrm #fav10
  60. IBM and Deloitte are two companies that provide great research reports.. here’s the IBM’s 2010 CEO Study http://bit.ly/9ziVcx #fav10
  61. Do you have a growth mindset http://bit.ly/dMewpJ by @jhagel & @jseelybrown .. do you really? #fav10
  62. All papers from #ServDes10 are accessible here http://bit.ly/gCYHRh #fav10
  63. I sometimes feel we’ll never cross the chasm from PR to #scrm.. nevertheless good advice: Reputation Warfare http://bit.ly/cYtrcr #fav10
  64. “@bduperrin is known for his #e20 insights, but don’t underestimate him on #scrm e.g. in this thorough post http://bit.ly/fIrICs #fav10
  65. Complexity of Service Value Networks http://bit.ly/fOnr24 #fav10
  66. This post shows why it is so difficult to assess referral or network value (part 1) http://bit.ly/fOnr24 #sna #fav10
  67. When Do Customers Really Prefer Products Tailored to their Preferences? #fav10 http://bit.ly/g5BUXu
  68. Well.. that pretty much sums it up for the year :) Thx for allowing me the #fav10 time and space in your timelines. Much appreciated :)
  69. And thanks for the tweets/posts and inspiration brought by you into my tweetstream :) Keep ‘m coming in 2011! #fav10

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  1. Wim,
    Thank you very much for taking the time out to list out your #fav list – this is a fantastic resource and I for one really appreciate it. I really enjoyed our conversations in 2010 and hope to engage with you and exchange thoughts a lot more in the future.

    Wishing you and yours a fabulous New Year.



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