Exclusive on MyCustomer.com: The future of marketing – changing the game and playing field

Just a note to let my loyal readers know MyCustomer.com published my 1st of a 2 part series on the logic of service for marketing I wrote exclusively for them. Click the logo to read it.

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One thought on “Exclusive on MyCustomer.com: The future of marketing – changing the game and playing field

  1. I quite like the article and actually I think companies have a lot to gain by shifting their orientations away from the mass and concentrate on actual real loyal customers.

    Instead of putting efforts into “locking them into loyalty”, they should concentrate on serving those customers better. Spend the budget on these.

    For example, I am loyal to a few brands (probably more than I realize) and it always amazes me how just about anyone has access to the same deals. New customers are attracted by discounts that I can’t get. What about me? Do my 10 years of loyal service not count? No. I just keep paying and never get so much as a thank you for my loyalty.

    Secondly, loyal customers know your product well and probably have the insights to make your product/service even better. But does the company care? No, they are too busy trying to get new customers. If only they tapped into the existing knowledge? Nah they would much rather spend money on blind mass marketing because that will bring them initial sales. Expensive sales but not necessarily repeat sales.

    Point is, what you suggest is a win-win for company and customer. The customer is happy because they are being serviced as they should and the company is happy because the customer is helping them improve their product/service and is paying them to provide it. Additionally happy customers bring about new happy customers…

    As consumers, if we want to see a change in how companies perceive us then we have to put our foot down (myself included). Companies that get it, will continue to exist and prosper while others will drop off. Until then, I think we will still be seeing lots of old mentality companies that continue to think their customers revolve around them.

    What do you think?


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