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I usually keep this blog for my own opinions and views. In this case I make an exception, also because I think there are some great value adding comments at the post by Paul Greenberg titled:

Time to put a stake in the ground on Social CRM

The post can be found here and here.

First of all the post takes care of the “how the we name – the beast – discussion”. I think this is important because we need to focus on how Social Media or Social CRM can be put to use for the co-creation of value (between company and customer). Focus on what it should be called is indeed counterproductive.

Second, it provides a good overview of what the definition of Social CRM is, and what it is not. I will not try to summarize it myself. The post itself is more than clear on it.

Thirdly there are some interesting comments that provide a broader perspective on customer – company value co-creation in the networked era, of which Social CRM is an integrated part. Please make an effort reading all comments, and if or when the ideas and thoughts appeal to you, or you have (strong) arguments against, start following and engaging with these thought leaders on Twitter or through their blog-posts.  Engaging in itself will lead to value co-creation itself. And apart from the time you invest, it is completely free ;-)

Having said that, here are my 5 favorite comments on the post by Paul Greenberg (from both locations of the original post):

  1. Graham Hill: Adding to the conversation
  2. Graham Hill: ROI Models: half of the story
  3. Graham Hill: Groan…Social CRM is NOT about technology
  4. Esteban Kolsky: No title
  5. Paul Greenberg: No argument there

Have fun reading it all, and please share your opinion on the original post, or here if you prefer.

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