Thinking in Paradoxes

It’s not that long ago. An ordinary evening on my couch at home surfing my streams as they flow through Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail, Feedly etcetera. I was reading a post shared by @roosvanvugt: “5 things digital CMO’s do better“. Push or Pull? The 5-thing-list starts with “Shift from finding customers to getting found” which is […]

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The Power Of Simplicity

I visited a relationship event the other day. An evening event themed: “The Power Of Simplicity”. ┬áThe evening turned out be surprisingly good, not in the least because of the great interview with a Dutch CEO of a large hospital in the south of The Netherlands. It was only during this interview that I understood […]

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What’s Your Belief?

One of the biggest challenges in business is to lead a fundamental change based upon a real shift in mindset or logic. Tom Asacker’s new book “The Business of Belief” gave me plenty of food for thought on my approach towards change and leadership.

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Edelman’s 2013 Trust Barometer

The Edelman Trust barometer 2013 has been published. Bottom line: Trust as we knew it before 2008 has not returned, and most likely will not anytime soon; financial services remain at the bottom of trusted organizations, and The Netherlands is not doing too well either.. I think it’s a report worth sharing. Let me know what you think!

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